RansomWare Threats

With the threat of “Ransom Ware” ever so prevalent, I can’t stress enough on how careful one should be when clicking links blindly. An example of this is an email that may appear to come from Fed Ex or any shipping company. Often the email will alert you of a package being shipped, provide you with a so called tracking number, as well as places to click where you can check the status of your so called package.
This is a very common way for hackers to install the Ransom Ware viruses that we have been hearing about in the news. Your personal files (pictures, music, documents) can and will be lost if you are a victim of this infection.

The image below is a screenshot of a typical rigged email. Take a look at some of the numbered areas.

  1. This should have a Domain of “FedEx.com”. But you can see that the domain “lexington.us” has nothing to do with the company.
  2. This is pointing out a flaw in the logo, but that’s not something that most would notice.
  3. In this case, the tracking number would look strange if you do very much shipping.
  4. This is the #1 most important thing to remember. Looking at the white box next to #4, you can see the address where you will go if you do click on the Print Receipt button. This box appears if you hover your mouse above the button.

(image below can be enlarged by clicking)


Safe browsing!