Printer Purchasing


A question that I often get is “what printer should I buy?”. Knowing what features are needed is going to help drastically. But there are a few other factors that many people overlook.

Cartridge Cost: If you are looking to purchase an inkjet printer, the #1 suggestion that I can give is to compare ink cartridge costs. A cheap inkjet printer could cost as low as $30, but the ink could be double or more.

Brand: The most common brands that I see right now include HP, Canon, Brother, and Xerox. I have not found any single brand to be cheaper or more reliable. Unless you are partial to a particular brand, I would not let that be a deciding factor.

Features: What additional functions will you be performing? Scanning, copying, and fax are the most common.

Mobile Device Printing: Printing from mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads are becoming more and more popular. In the beginning, HP was about the only brand that supported this. Today most printers are capable of this function. Look on the packaging for this feature. It may be worded as “AirPrint” or “E-Print”.

Other Considerations: The two main types of printers include inkjet and laser. While inkjet printers will seem to cost less upfront, laser printers will be less expensive in the long run. Studies have shown that even though a cartridge may cost $50, one will spend less per page when using a laser printer. Laser printers can come with the same features as inkjet printers.