Wired Network
Indoor or out, Hazelwood PC can get you connected.

Wireless Networking
Wireless networking is the easiest and usually least expensive alternative to home networking. Enjoy the convenience of sharing your internet connection among all of the computers in your home without making a single hole in a wall or installing extensive wiring throughout your home.

Hazelwood PC can install your wireless network, following the latest security procedures to keep unwanted guests out! Operating a wireless router without first properly setting up the security features is like leaving the door wide open to your computers and everything on it. Anyone within range of your router can connect and browse as they wish!

Wireless Repeating
If you already have a wireless network but it isn’t quite reaching throughout your entire home, you may benefit by installing a wireless repeater. These devices can help by sending your wireless signal further, allowing you to pick up your wireless connection at greater distances.
Hazelwood PC has it!