Below are software applications recommended by Hazelwood PC


Dropbox – Download
This is a very useful application that syncronizes your files from one computer and/or mobile devices to another computer or mobile device.


OpenOffice – Download
If you need Microsoft Office but can’t justify the expense, OpenOffice is a great alternative. It is cross compatible with the popular Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


Mozilla Firefox – Download
This is our preferred browser. With browsers it often comes down to personal preference. But compared to Internet Explorer, Firefox is usually a more secure option and is more compatible with websites.


Microsoft Security Essentials – Download
These days it is more than necessary to have a strong antivirus running on your computer. While this option is far from the best, it will offer basic protection from the most common threats.


VLC Media Player – Download
A completely free and simple video player. The link above works with Windows only.


JotForm – Web Forms
This is not a download, but  a great resource for anyone who wants to create a form to be completed online.