Automatic Backups

Do you have a smartphone with a digital camera or a love for music? Do you back up your entire computer once a week? Most people would respond, “YES” to the first question and, “NO” to the second.

The fact: Pictures are no longer stored safely in an album nor is music on a CD or tape. Your hard drive, the most fragile and most failure-prone component in your computer, is responsible for storing all of your pictures, music, and important documents that you have collected over the years.

The problem: Backing up is very time consuming and usually the last thing on your mind. Also, when the hard drive fails (not if but when), quite often everything stored within… is irretrievable.

The solution: Hazelwood PC can upgrade most computers to backup automatically, continuously, and silently as you work. Everything on your computer including programs, pictures, music, and data will be protected from hard drive failure.

Computer backups can be set up by various methods. Some include automatic or by the push of a button. See our Contact Page to email us with your computer model for accurate pricing!